GTF 274 | The Mastermind Playbook

The Mastermind Playbook With Aaron Walker

Do you want to improve your leadership, management, and all skills related to business and entrepreneurship? Are you thinking about joining a mastermind to do so but are in doubt about its efficiency? In this episode, my guest, Aaron Walker, convinces us that being...


GTF 273 | Making Decisions

Rapid Decision-Making And The R4 Method With Dub Maddox

Just like in football, in business, making decisions in the spur of the moment with what little information you might have is a vital skill. Though the ability to produce these judgment calls is a difficult skill to truly master, once you have, making...


GTF 270 | Client Acquisition

1 Focus: Client Acquisition With Justin Goff

Do you struggle to generate leads and clients in your business?   In this episode, my guest, Justin Goff, teaches us how he has helped business owners (maybe like you) get more leads and sales with cold traffic.  Justin has grown his company from zero...