Company Of One & Why Small Is The New Big with Paul Jarvis [Podcast 211]

GTF 211 | Company Of One


Are you seeking growth in your business, but feeling the pressure and stress that comes with that next big push?  

In this episode, my guest, Paul Jarvis, offers his unique perspective on why you might want to rethink your desire for growth.

Paul is a writer, designer, teaches online courses, and has worked with professional athletes like Steve Nash, Shaquille O’Neal and corporate giants like Microsoft and Mercedes, and a whole lot more.  

Paul is also the best-selling author of a brand new book called Company of One: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business, and he is sharing his fascinating perspective on why maybe growth isn’t a one size fits all for every business or entrepreneur.  

Don’t miss this engaging conversation!

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How To Charge More And Make Price Irrelevant [Podcast 210]

GTF 210 | How To Charge More


Would you like to charge more for your services, but are unsure how to make price irrelevant?

In business, there are two types of clients you’ll encounter most often.  

One type is the tire kicker- those who seem interested but have a multitude of reasons why they won’t buy.  

The other is a high-value client, those who go beyond price and focus on the value you’re creating.

Between these two, most entrepreneurs would want the high-value client every time, but many struggle with attaining them.

In this episode, not only will you discover how to attract high-value clients, you’ll also get:

  • The 2 Factors to Position Yourself Differently
  • The Hidden Offer Secret and Script I Learned Back in 1989 – and still works today
  • The Difference Between Being a Generalist and Specialist
  • What Trumps Price – and How to Stack it In Your Favor
  • 7 Critical Differentiators to Position Yourself as the ONLY choice in your industry
  • 5 Ways to Add Additional Value for your Clients (that allows you to charge more)
  • The Cost of Working with You VS The Cost of Not Working with You
  • The Bold Offer that led to Media Opportunities, and Opened the Door to a Multi-Million Dollar Publishing Business
  • Why Finding a Need and Filling It Leads to a Dead End – and what to Do Instead
  • The 6 Different Desires to Focus on for your Clients
  • And More…

Have you hit a plateau with your sales and conversions – and could use some help?

Get a steady flow of leads, sales, and profits.  Learn more by scheduling a Breakthrough Clarity Session at

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Consulting Success, Growth, and Impact with Michael Zipursky [Podcast 209]

GTF 209 | Growing Your Business

Is your business not growing at the rate you want, or making the impact you hoped for? If that’s the case, my guest expert, Michael Zipursky, is going to offer you strategies on what really makes a business grow, and give you clarity to accomplish your goals. Michael is a marketing expert and a business consultant who has built six companies, helped over 300 individual consultants and advised organizations like the Financial Times, Panasonic, and more..

In this episode, Michael takes a deep dive into not only what makes businesses grow, but will share his insights on mindset, and how that can lead to some of your biggest breakthroughs building a business. You’ll also hear how to attract your perfect client, increase your revenue, and grow your business, without limiting your growth potential.

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Be Fulfilled with Tony Grebmeier [Podcast 208]

GTF 208 | Fulfillment

Have you ever met people who seem to have it all, but yet appear to be empty inside, like something is missing? Are you seeking deeper fulfillment in your own life? It seems these days people are always seeking more of something- money, time, acceptance, freedom, etc. and yet, many take for granted what they already have. In this engaging episode, my guest expert is both a speaker and an entrepreneur uniquely qualified to talk about fulfillment, and what can happen to you without it. Tony Grebmeier, founder of ShipOffers and the podcast, BEFULFILLED, shares with us his stories of winning and losing, falling and rising up again, and all the lessons in between, that helped him beat isolation and find fulfillment in his life. Tony will also offer you beneficial strategies to shift the focus away from the noise, hit the reset button, and get on with living a more fulfilled life.  You don’t want to miss it!

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What Trumps Strategy And Ideas with Dan Kuschell [Podcast 207]

GTF 207 | What Trumps Strategy And Ideas

Do you feel stuck in your business, and unable to get the results you desire because trends keep shifting? In this episode, I will help you identify what is keeping you from transforming your business and the one thing that trumps ideas, strategies, and tactics. If you are looking for you next big breakthrough, and you want a long-term model that works, this is the episode to help you get on track to build, grow, and scale with less stress and more freedom.

Listen to the podcast here:

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