GTF 224 | Neimology

Neimology: What’s In A Name with Sharón Lynn Wyeth [Podcast 224]

What if you could know, just by understanding someone’s name, how to effectively communicate with them?  My guest, Sharón Lynn Wyeth, can identify a person’s strengths, challenges, and life purpose by deciphering a name through a process called Neimology®. It’s fascinating… Sharón is the...


GTF 223 | Grow Your Profits

3 Ways To Grow Your Profits [Podcast 223]

What’s old can become new again. Why is this important for us or why is this important for you? What would it be worth to get a strategy to be able to grow your business? Sometimes going back to basics is important and we...


GTF 220 | Creating A Movement

Creating A Movement with Steven Sashen [Podcast 220]

If one of the Shark’s on Shark Tank, like Kevin O’Leary offered your start up $400,000 to help invest in it, what would you say? Today, you’re going to discover how a no opened the door to freedom, growth, and creating a movement, movement....


GTF 219 | Choose

Choose with Ryan Levesque [Podcast 219]

Do you feel unsure about the focus or next steps in your business? What if with one single action, you could get clarity, direction, and certainty about how to dominate your industry? My guest on this episode is Ryan Levesque. Ryan will give us...