Maximize Your Business Through The Law of Reciprocity, Active Appreciation, Relational Capital, and More, with Kevin Thompson [PODCAST 100]


Maximize Your Business Through The Law of Reciprocity, Active Appreciation, Relational Capital, and More, with Kevin Thompson [PODCAST 100]


In this episode of Growth to Freedom you will discover how to fuel your business through building relational capital and utilizing the Law of Reciprocity. My guest, Kevin Thompson has built an incredibly successful business through appreciation and connecting people to others who can help them. The best part is that YOU are going to learn how to do the same in your business from this incredibly generous and enthusiastic business strategist.

Kevin Thompson is a down-to-earth guy who knows the power of the Law of Reciprocity, the undeniable way that people tend to respond in-kind when something good is done for them. He’ll explain how it works, how it has propelled his business, and how you can use the same law to amplify the effectiveness of your relationships.

Kevin Thompson values creating a relationship than making a sale or closing a transaction. Discover how genuine appreciation can powerfully impact your bottom line.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:

  • My introduction to this episode and my guest, Kevin Thompson; [00:33]
  • What happened in Kevin’s high school that led him toward entrepreneurialism ; [5:10]
  • The decision to work on a fishing boat to make a bunch of money; [9:05]
  • How Kevin discovered that his fishing job was not the way forward; [12:51]
  • The transition from fishing to his own business; [13:50]
  • The transformation that came from connecting with Joe Polish; [16:51]
  • The power and importance of relationship capital and how you can use it; [18:20]
  • How contributing first benefits you most; [20:34]
  • How you can go deeper with Kevin and get some resources from him; [26:40]
  • The 1 to 3 strategies that can be game changers for you; [28:54]
  • The things Kevin’s wife has done that he is tremendously thankful for; [34:08]


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