Dan Kuschell: Disrupting the Status Quo, Game Changers like David Berg of Arrowhead Health Centers, and the Prophet Profit Joshua Shafran [PODCAST 31]


Dan Kuschell: Disrupting the Status Quo, Game Changers like David Berg of Arrowhead Health Centers, and the Prophet Profit Joshua Shafran


In order for things to change, you’ve got to be willing to change. What are you going to disrupt today?

~ Dan Kuschell

There’s nothing worse than mediocrity. Mediocrity is defined as the highest degree of poor and that’s no way to go through life.

Today you’re going to learn how to disrupt the status quo , transform the norm, and how to play a bigger game for greater impact, influence, and growth!

Here’s a glimpse of the strategies you’ll walk away with today:

  • The framework for the Where are You™ Tool from Genius Network®: Where are you today, Where are you going, How are you going to get there, and Why do you want it?
  • The catalyst that forced Dan Kuschell to take up direct response marketing at 16-years old;
  • The power of turning adversity into action and crisis to confidence: “What would you do if you had to?”
  • How packaging, positioning, and an effective direct mail package sent to the right people got hundreds of responses to set the stage for the beginning of Dan Kuschell’s career;
  • How you can change your game: Move from the things that irritate you or are just ok, and spend more time doing the things that fascinate and motive you to play a bigger game and become a GameChanger® (from Strategic Coach);
  • Game Changers ask: “What is that fascinates and motivates me?” -Dan Sullivan
  • What coaching over 32,487 clients will teach you about behavior and peak performance;
  • How David Berg and Arrowhead Health Centers are transforming the health care in Arizona;
  • How a Game Changer like David Berg see’s opportunity to turn disadvantages to advantages and problems to opportunity;
  • How using a Consumer Education Process or a Consumer Awareness Guide (from Joe Polish) can give you the strategic advantage in your industry – and we’ll show you first-hand how David Berg and Arrowhead Health Centers are doing this now;
  • How to use failures and setbacks and turn them into competitive advantages;
  • Why a book may be one of the best marketing tools for greater growth and pre-eminence;
  • How to move from “Some-Day I’ll” to “Now is my time”;
  • “Money earned ethically is a byproduct of value creation” – Joe Polish
  • “It’s not the WHAT I accomplish, it’s the WHO I AM that’s most important.”
  • A 20 Year Blueprint to 10X Your Business, Success, and Impact with Joshua Shafran;
  • And much, much more…

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Dan Kuschell is a success driven business growth strategist, a media contributor, and thought leader. He helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners grow and scale their companies 10x by driving the flow of elegant ideas, execution, and team-culture for greater clarity, confidence, and direction. Dan has been recognized worldwide for creating results with his resources, books, and strategies.


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