Dan Kuschell | Jeff Spencer and The Champion’s Blueprint on Growth to Freedom [PODCAST 5]



On today’s show, you’ll discover Dr. Jeff Spencer’s Champion’s Blueprint to create a life of distinction, meaning and purpose on Growth to Freedom with Dan Kuschell

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How can you create a life of distinction, meaning, and purpose? Answer: The Champion’s Blueprint Process. Dr. Jeff Spencer has been a peak performer having been an Olympic Cyclist, and working with executives and world class athletes like Bono, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and more as the ‘Conerman’ to help capitalize on the 3 to 5 defining moments for peak performance — in your life, business, and relationships.

Discover things like:

  • Why Will, Talent, Technique, and Technology are NOT the KEYS to peak performance or success;
  • How Jeff’s Mentor focused him on being ICONIC – and why that distinction sets you up for transformational results;
  • Why your pedigree doesn’t matter for sustainable success;
  • How to create a repeatable process to get to the top of your game and stay there;
  • Why Fear Based Nature may be holding you back from your true potential and how to transform that thinking to the Champion’s Nature;
  • Fear Based Decisions and Playing Not to Lose leads to a second rate life, mediocrity, and one act wonders;
  • The hardcore learning lesson that had Jeff’s mentor taught him when he ‘needed a helping hand’;
  • 3 Core Strategies for Champion’s: A Team, Blueprint, and a “Cornerman”;
  • The Definition of a ‘Cornerman’ and why it’s different than a coach, mentor, or adviser;
  • The 4-Part Champion’s MO – Where are you? Is there danger here? What are the things that have to happen to carry momentum forward? AND, What do we need to know about what’s around the corner so it doesn’t take us out?
  • How a Cornerman creates readiness to make pivotal decisions and actions in those moments in for an extraordinary compared to ordinary life, career, and relationships;
  • The “5-Potholes that Knock You Off Track” and what you can do to WIN (starting today);
  • Why sleep, napping, and rest extends career longevity, accelerates growth, and instills greater vision (and how lack of sleep is the fastest way to throw away your career);
  • The outcome of a distracted, clouded, battle fatigued and foggy mind and how it limits you from being able to see around the corner;
  • Why Pacing and Confidence helps you become a prolific peak performer;
  • The First Steps to Greater Success: Leadership, Team, Financing, and Health;
  • The MYTH that if you “Build It and they Will Come” and How this actually hinders your personal and business success;
  • The Homework Principle: If you do the homework, the test is easy – and how this applies today more than ever with a busy world;
  • Why Hitting the Top isn’t the end game – and how Mastery and Becoming Your Own Champion is far more important for sustainable success;
  • Why some of the top executives and athletes blow out with “Success Intoxication” and how a ‘Cornerman’ helps you see around the corner before you get there (predictably);
  • and much, much more…


Dr. Jeff Spencer can show you how to get to the top of your game and stay there while creating a life of meaning, purpose, and contribution and live a lifestyle you deserve. He’ll provide you as a set of tools and resources to make your life what it can be by creating exponential value and leave what he describes as the “Immortal Footprint” (exponential legacy).

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