Dan Kuschell | NLP, The Easy Conversation Technique, Fearless Wealth, and Celebrating Dads with RC Peck [PODCAST 16]



Dan Kuschell: NLP, The Easy Conversation Technique, Fearless Wealth, and Celebrating Dads with RC Peck


PLUS: Is this a future star in the making? Listen in on this guest song and hear the story of how she surprised her dad…

Every conversation and interaction we have with someone is an opportunity of influence, and people either are moving towards our ideas or moving away. What would happen if you could learn a strategy you can use today to turn any conversation into one that is engaging, eliminates friction and fear, to have people engage in your ideas?

Today you’ll discover how Certified Financial Planner and Registered Advisor, dad and husband RC Peck does just that, and can help provide you greater clarity, confidence, and capabilities – in this fun, insightful interview, plus you’ll hear a song from this guest who shocked her dad with this very special song.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll walk away with:

  • The Easy Conversation Technique and how you can put it in place today for greater influence;
  • What is Neuro Linguistic Programming;
  • Why do people not buy your ideas – and what you can do about it by putting the secret emotion you HAVE to create before you get people to buy at your price;
  • The definition of selling?
  • Dan Sullivan’s definition of selling: “Getting people intellectually engaged in a future result that is good for them, and getting them to emotionally commit to take action to achieve that result.”
  • A strategy to shift change to get your best breakthroughs;
  • How to get control of your thoughts when most thoughts are negative – “When you’re facing doubt, anxiety, distress from outside of you, or with other people, it’s not about you.”
  • “When dealing with negative emotions, it’s not the sign to stop, it’s the time to go.”;
  • How to shift anxiety by realizing, in most cases the thoughts you are having are not your thoughts;
  • RC Pecks view on the 3 Parts of a Company – and the most important one to focus on;
  • Words create emotions and stimulate this subconscious idea: what does this _______;
  • The #1 Feeling you must score well on to win in communication: _______ _________;
  • The subconscious question going on in the mind of someone listening to you: “Am I Safe” ;
  • How to eliminate Decision Fatigue;
  • In your personal and business relationships, what you do either leads into communication or sets the path for confrontation;
  • Listen to this potential future star as she surprises her dad with this song
  • And much, much more…

RC Peck is CFP (Certified Financial Planner), the founder of FearlessWealth.com and The Easy Conversation, as well as a recognized media expert.

Learn more about RC at: http://www.fearlesswealth.com or http://www.theeasyconversation.com

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Dan Kuschell is a success driven business growth hacker, strategist and expert, a media contributor, and thought leader. He helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners grow and scale their companies 10x by driving the flow of elegant ideas, execution, and team-culture for greater clarity, confidence, and direction. Dan has been recognized worldwide for creating results with his resources, books, and strategies.


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