Education Based Marketing To Optimize and Maximize Your Business with John Lagoudakis [PODCAST 99]



Education Based Marketing To Optimize and Maximize Your Business with John Lagoudakis [PODCAST 99]


In this episode of Growth to Freedom you will discover how to use education based marketing to create consistent traffic and sales with John Lagoudakis. John started his first online business in 2007 and since then has built several businesses online. He’s been awarded a Top 100 Clickbank Affiliate and has been featured on CNN Money, Forbes, Fortune, Inc., Newsweek and the Today Show.


John’s strong suit is that he’s one of the most authentic guys you’ll ever meet – and he’s here to teach you what it looks like to build a successful sales funnel that fuels your business long term. On this episode, John shares how to use paid and free traffic to get leads to your site, how to optimize your site for opt-ins and conversions, and how you can set up your business on recurring billing.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:

  • Introduction and who is John Lagoudakis? [0:32]
  • John’s journey from being an overworked IT tech to internet marketer; [2:08]
  • John’s super power: transparency; [7:15]
  • They myths business owners buy into in online sales and marketing; [8:24]
  • One strategy you can put in place to grow your business; [11:01]
  • How you can build an email list quickly from scratch; [13:28]
  • How you can get around the hype to create an authentic offer; [17:23]
  • Traffic building strategies you can use today; [20:10]
  • How to begin recording your own videos to gain traffic; [24:52]
  • How you can connect with John; [26:18]
  • The biggest game changers John is implementing with his clients now; [27:50]
  • Striving for improvement; [30:14]


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