Jim Sheils: Relationships, 3 Steps to Connection, and the Board Meeting Method with Dan Kuschell [PODCAST 36]


Jim Sheils: Relationships, 3 Steps to Connection, and the Board Meeting Method with Dan Kuschell


“Transformation rarely happens in isolation”

~ Dan Sullivan

Today you’re going to learn how connect with your family, kids, and clients as Dan Kuschell interviews Jim Sheils. He’s a serial entrepreneur, an active real estate investor (having done over 1,000 real estate deals), publisher, and founder of Board Meeting’s – a group that helps entrepreneurs transform the quality of their relationships.

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Here’s a glimpse at the strategies you’ll receive today:

  • The strategies you can put in place if you have empty victories (and feeling like you’re not connected to your family or kids) [3:40-5:32];
  • The fundamental mindset to bounce back from setbacks, meltdowns, and failure [5:45-8:53];
  • “In order to find out what to do next, I need to figure out what’s most important”.
  • “Even as you’re climbing, I’m not going to sacrifice people for my business pursuits.”
  • Why treating your family and kids with the same respect as your business stakeholders creates transformation (HINT: You do weekly and quarterly meetings with your team, stakeholder’s, and clients – it’s congruent to do it at home too) [10:10-12:50];
  • “That which gets scheduled, gets done”.
  • How to engineer successful rituals and rythym’s to deepen relationships and connect [14:01-15:40];
  • “There’s no substitute for quality time.”
  • Why a Board Meeting transforms the way you bond and is fun, exciting, and enjoyable [15:55-17:44];
  • The Board Meeting Method Defined: 1 on 1, no electronics, and a fun activity with focused reflection [17:55- 21:40];
  • How to use the Board Meeting Method to build better relationships with parents, clients, and more [23:10-24:33]
  • “Everyone yearns for connection”.
  • How to get out of disconnection and dealing with artificial intimacy with technology [24:45-25:40];
  • Why fun activity with focused reflection is the short path to experiential learning and transforming relationships [25:44- 27:50];
  • The #1 Question to ask after an activity with your kids: What is your favorite part of today and why?
  • Why 4 Hours Every 90 Days creates clarity, bonding, and connection to transform the relationships with your kids and family [29:40-34:09];
  • “The key is marking the times of your most important relationships”.
  • How to Create more memorable moments for a bigger future;
  • And much, much more


Jim is a serial entrepreneur, publisher, active investor, and coach and is an expert that can help you build better relationships where it matters…

Get Jim’s book by going to: http://www.QualityTimeRevolution.com and get your Ultimate Guide to the Boardroom Method and the Book The Family Board Meeting for free (at the time of this interview). To learn more about Jim’s retreats, go to http://www.BoardMeetings.com

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