Learn How To Utilize Traffic Generation Tools, Scale Your Business, and Overcome Inconsistency with Chris Evans [PODCAST 106]


Learn How To Utilize Traffic Generation Tools, Scale Your Business, and Overcome Inconsistency with Chris Evans [PODCAST 106]


In this episode of Growth to Freedom you will discover the tools necessary to increase your company’s website traffic. Our guest, Chris Evans, is one of the industry experts in sales and traffic generation.

Chris also shares one of the biggest mistakes he sees business leaders make. Learn what it is and how you can avoid it!  

Chris Evans is a dedicated family man and a successful business leader. Yes you can do BOTH! Listen as he shares how he devotes his time and passion to both of the things he loves.

You’ll walk away from this episode with a clear understanding of how you can get started today with the tools necessary to grow your business and increase productivity.
Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:

  • Dan talks about the power of getting involved with Genius Network; [1:00]
  • Who is Chris Evans?; [8:00]
  • What is an “Expert?” [9:40]
  • What drives Chris to provide his services? [10:50]
  • What is the biggest myth people deal with regarding growth?[13:30]
  • The lowest point in business for Chris; [16:10]
  • Game changing strategies from Chris; [18:30]
  • Tools that Chris has found helpful; [23:30]
  • How do you prepare your client for a slower time in business? [25:00]
  • How to connect with Chris and more of his content; [27:45]
  • Chris and Dan talk about family life; [30:00]
  • What would Chris thank his wife for? [31:10]
  • What values does Chris want to leave behind in his kids? [33:10]


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