GTF 260 | Relationships With Clients

2 Steps To Get More Appointments, Leads And Clients

Do you struggle to generate clients or generate high quality leads?   Or maybe you struggle to get high quality potential clients on the phone with you or your team? In this episode, you’ll learn: “Two Steps to Get More Appointments, Leads, and Clients.” No...


GTF 259 | Acquisition Growth

How To Grow Through Acquisitions With Alex Nghiem

What would happen for you if you had the competitive advantage to acquire an asset that immediately increased the value of your business?  If this question resonates with you, then this is an episode to check out. Alex Nghiem specializes in helping authors, speakers,...


GTF 258 | Guerilla Marketing Strategies

Guerilla Marketing Strategies To Unlock Growth With Jason Myers

Struggling to get quality leads and clients?  Not after you listen to my interview with Jason Myers titled: “Guerrilla Marketing Strategies to Unlock Growth.”   Our guest is Jason Myers, and he advocates for the proven method created by Jay Congrad Levinson, called Guerrilla Marketing...