The Power of Lifebook, How to Maximize the 12 Key Categories of Your Life, and 4 Key Questions for Transformation [PODCAST 49]



The Power of Lifebook, How to Maximize the 12 Key Categories of Your Life, and 4 Key Questions for Transformation [PODCAST 49]


What would you be like at your very best? What would happen for you if you had complete certainty around your beliefs, vision, purpose, and strategy in the 12 key areas of your life?



Lifebook is a transformational life development system (founded by Jon and Missy Butcher).  

Imagine being able to get crystal clear on what you REALLY want in 12 key areas of your life: Love Relationship, Parenting, Family, Social, Intellectual, Health, Career, Financial, Spiritual, Emotional, and more…

Imagine being able to know the contribution and impact you’re making in the world (is real)… or defining the connection and love you want in your relationships… or the significance, meaning, and purpose you’re having in your career and financial life… or having complete certainty about what your love life and what that looks like for you…

And then imagine having a blueprint to follow that helps you get rid of the limiting beliefs… replace those with more powerful beliefsfollowed by your purpose and your reasons why, combined with a compelling vision of what you really want… and then being able to back that up with strategy.

My experience was facilitated by Sandra Garest who is a great example of being an amazing “guide from the side” as she led us through the series of exercises… and incredible discussions. Considering I’ve attended over 100 personal development events since 1992, this was one of the most powerful and profound personal development programs I had ever experienced.

Never before had I taken a deep dive into the 12 -key categories this way and I walked out with my personalized blueprint, vision, and purpose.

I’d highly recommend this to you if you’re looking for greater confidence, clarity, and direction in building your bigger future.

Today’s episode is just a glimpse into how this process has impacted me. I hope it will do the same for you. Grab a pen and paper and enjoy the journey…

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this show:

  • [0:31] Dan’s introduction to Lifebook;
  • [6:34] How the LifeBook benefits you;
  • [8:37] The 4 key focuses for personal transformation;
  • [10:23] Case Study Revealed: Dan’s “vision” for his marriage (an example);
  • [12:40] The importance of identifying limiting beliefs.
  • [14:55] How you can transform your marriage;
  • [16:07] Finding purpose in your relationships;
  • [17:18] How to write a compelling vision for your relationships;
  • [18:00] The power of questions as part of your strategy for life;
  • [19:38] What might happen if you define these 4 key areas of your life?
  • And much more….


You can get started by taking your own LifeBook assessment today.  It takes you through 12 key categories that make up your life; Health and Fitness, your Intellectual Life, your Emotional Life, your Character, your Spiritual Life, your Love Relationships, Parenting, Social Life, Financial, Career, Quality of Life, and Life Vision. The goal is to assess each of those key categories in light of these 4 questions:  

  • What is your premise in this area? (your beliefs, good and bad)
  • What is your vision for this area?
  • What is your purpose in this area?
  • What is your strategy for accomplishing your purpose?


The LifeBook process is a deep dive into the most important things about you and the life.  It enables you to not only ask the important questions, but also to make course correction(s), develop healthier beliefs, and create a plan to maximize your life in each category.

You can get access to your assessment here:

And special thanks to Joe Polish for hosting this in Tempe and also Sandra Garest for being an incredible facilitator and guide!

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