How To Overcome Obstacles With Clarity And Peace Of Mind [PODCAST 174]

GTF 174 | Overcome Obstacles

Have you found that on the other side of that frustration, that wall, or being stuck, there is a big breakthrough waiting for you?

Whether in peacetime or wartime, CEOs must always know how to overcome obstacles that their company might come across. You come up against overwhelm, burnout or frustration, and you respond.  How you respond says everything about your state.   Is it fight or flight? It’s been documented that our reptilian mind often goes into fight. And if fighting is not an option, then we go into retreat and fly away.

The corporate zone is no different. Being an effective CEO is about embracing challenges and obstacles. One of my first mentors Tom Hopkins taught that one of the best things you can do is to: “…Anticipate the obstacle, anticipate the resistance, and anticipate the objection.” That’s when great things can happen for your business!  In other words, get ahead of the possible conflict with anticipation…

Welcome to, the show that brings you inspiration, transformation and leadership. We’re helping you connect the dots, see the blind spots, be able to get unstuck so you can go out and get more new clients, be able to grow your sales, grow your profitability, scale your business, and a whole lot more. Thanks for making us part of your day. We have an exciting episode about clarity. What’s clarity worth to you personally and professionally? What’s clarity worth to be able to hone in and tighten your message or tighten your offer? That’s what we’re going to share with you. If you never want to miss an episode, you can go over to We literally have hundreds of hours of some of the greatest wisdom in the world. We’re over 170 episodes. In our episode, we’ve got a couple free tools that we’re making available to you that will make a whole lot more sense after you listen to this episode. If you want to get access to those tools, simply drop us a line, drop us an email at or hit the link to private messages on Facebook and we can drop those to you as well. Enjoy this episode of

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