The Connection Effect with Gordie Bufton [Podcast 189]

GTF 189 | Being Connected


When was the last time you felt deeply connected in your relationships- professionally or personally, or even with yourself? In business, and life everything is about connections. It is what leads you to new opportunities and multiple paths to self-discovery and growth. Sharing his expertise on the subject of being connected is Gordie Bufton, award-winning international speaker and the author of two books, The Connection Effect and Eluding Reality. Inspiring people with his journey of overcoming substance abuse, Gordie speaks about his core belief that disconnection is a root of all human suffering.  By sharing his journey, Gordie encourages others to “show up in the world”, and desires to help others reconnect, create boundaries, and be present. In episode, Gordie also shares strategies that will help you achieve freedom from the chains of information overload, and realize true connection in your life.

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